Why Retail Stores Should Offer Free Wi-Fi

By January 28, 2017 No Comments

As a retail store owner, you want to get as much foot traffic as you can handle without violating any fire codes. The more traffic you have, the more likely a browser will become a customer. Besides offering excellent products at wonderful prices, one of the easiest ways to turn browsers into customers is to offer free Wi-Fi.

Offering Free Wi-Fi Will Increase Foot Traffic

More and more people are using social mapping services such as Google Maps, Foursquare and Yelp to navigate the world around them. In fact, a study by Fluent found that Google Maps is used by almost 70% of all US adults.[1] Many of them use these social mapping services to specifically look for businesses that offer free Wi-Fi so they don’t have to dip into the valuable data allowances offered by their service providers. So if you offer it, they will come.

Customer Will Spend More Time on Site

A survey completed by SessionM found that more than 90% of consumers used their smartphones while shopping. More specifically, 54% compared product prices, 48.4% searched for product information and 42% looked up reviews.[2]  Not only will they come to your store because you offer free Wi-Fi, but they’ll stay and use it to compare your prices, check out your products and read all about you.

They’ll Also Spend More Money

Some might think that people looking for free Wi-Fi are just going to use it and move on. While that does happen sometimes, it’s not always the case. Because they have the opportunity to do some free on-site research, most customers are more likely to make a purchase or to spend more money than they originally planned.[3]

Use It to Advertise and Market Your Business

One of the coolest features in current Wi-Fi technologies is being able to push advertising to devices connected to the access point. That means you can promote sales and events to connected devices anytime you want. Plus, when they ask if you have free Wi-Fi, you’ll be able to direct them to the access point that has your company name on it. For a double dose of brand enhancement, make the password the name of your company, too.

Enhance the Customer Experience

In addition to providing free Wi-Fi to your customers, don’t forget about the importance of connecting your employees, too. They have a job to do and you should provide them with the tools to do it well. Being connected while moving throughout the store and interacting with customer is a great way to improve the customer experience. Being able to do inventory and price checks from anywhere in the store will make your customers happier. And what about a mobile cashier? Think about the customer’s excitement when they find out that you can check them out right then and there instead of sending them to the back of the store to stand in line for traditional check out.

With all of the advantages of providing Wi-Fi at your retail store, it’s not a question of why you should do it. The more obvious question is why you aren’t offering free Wi-Fi already.




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