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Creating Unique Stadium Experience for Fans through Beacons

By January 9, 2017 No Comments

Imagine this – A group of fans is very excited about their favorite team playing in their city., They won’t miss this day out with their buddies for anything. But then the trouble begins. The roads are clogged with cars heading towards the stadium. They’re there at the stadium but there is a long line to enter. The next challenge is to find their gate, aisle, and finally their seats. By the time they get to their seats, they are already exhausted. The very thought of having to leave again to find a hot dog or a taco vendor who hasn’t run out is painful. They end up wondering if they should have stayed home with a bag of chips and watched the game from the comfort of their home environment.

Now imagine this! The same group simply enters the stadium name in a mobile app and gets real-time updates about the traffic on the way to the stadium. These fans even get directions to reach the stadium using the smartest route. And once they enter the stadium, they are guided to their seats by their own personal concierge. They also know the wait time to get to their seats. Sounds like a dream?

Welcome to the age of stadiums with beacons.

If you remember our last article about enhancing the stadium experience with Wi-Fi, read on about taking it to the next level. Sit back and find out about this new technology that will revolutionize the experience of fans who still want to make it to the stadium to watch an electrifying game. These days, more and more stadiums are becoming beacon-enabled; more stadiums are using this cutting-edge technology to give fans a high fidelity experience without the hassles that usually go along with being at a game or concert.

The seat finder function

Finding a seat in a huge stadium with different tiers, blocks, and aisles can be a hassle. The tickets mention seat numbers. But how is a seat number like “B-15 UT” going to help your fan find his seat? With the beacon technology, this is not going to be an issue anymore. Working with beacons installed at different locations in the stadium and a dedicated application on the smartphone, you can greet the fans as they arrive and guide them to their seats.

And what’s more, Bluetooth beacons work even without the benefit of a Wi-Fi connection!

That’s not all. Offer the fans a chance to upgrade their seats. Even as the fans line up to enter the stadium, offer them the chance to upgrade if you have seats in an expensive section available. Or offer seats at discounted prices. All in real time. You can now leverage these beacons to upsell high value tickets that have remained unsold right up to the start of the game.

No more lines

It has been a very exciting first half. Fans are now headed out to buy snacks and refreshments. You don’t want to make them choose between lining up to buy a hot dog (and missing the start of the second half) and foregoing food and soda. Help your fans find their way to less-crowded food stands and restrooms using their phones. Let them know what’s available and at what price with the installed beacons.

Buy more goodies

Having trouble with crowded merchandise shops at your stadium? Let fans know what the shop has to offer before they enter. Let your beacons guide them to the merchandise shops when they are less crowded. Offer loyal fans discounts and special goodies. With iBeacons, your fans can even buy their favorite jerseys with the click of a button and have them delivered to their seats. Isn’t that just awesome?

Make your fans feel special

It doesn’t matter if your fans are visiting the stadium for the first time or are regulars. You will always want each and every one of them to have a unique experience. With beacons, you have the option of offering different promotions and loyalty programs to your vast legions of fans. For first-time visitors, this could be free snacks, while for a seasoned visitor, this could be a chance to win autographed merchandise from their favorite player.

So with beacons installed, your fans can find their seats, the nearest food kiosk, and even find out the length of the line at food stalls, order food and merchandise from their seat, find the nearest restroom, watch instant replays, and even chat with their favorite player! An altogether wonderful experience!

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