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The Fast Pace of Technology: Are Schools Prepared for the Next Trend?

By February 15, 2017 No Comments

Updated 3/27/2018

A few months ago I celebrated by son’s 9th birthday. While driving down the interstate to go to his birthday party, a brand new Tesla passed on the left, going much faster than I was traveling.  The bright red car caught my son’s attention and he asked, “What kind of car was that??” I told him what kind of car it was and that it was battery powered and used no gasoline. My son quipped how he would love to drive one of those cars when he is old enough to drive.

Then it dawned on me…will he even need to know how to drive a car?

Google, Honda, Uber and others have been testing the self-driving, or autonomous vehicle for a couple of years now. The technology clearly exists but there is no legal framework in place to govern cars without drivers.  I am not even sure the insurance industry is prepared for this shift in thinking when it comes to 21st century travel.

However, my son is just 7 short years from being able to hold his own driver’s license under the current non-autonomous vehicle structure.  Where will the world and technology be with the self-driving car by then?  Will I even need to teach my son to drive a car?

Technology has always gotten a bad rap when it comes to how quickly it changes.  Just when you thought it was safe to purchase an entire library of DVDs, the Blu-Ray ups the game and gives you high definition movies more clear than you’ve ever seen. Now, 4K technology and Virtual Reality are creeping into our entertainment. Even owning a copy of a movie is becoming obsolete when you can download and stream at your pleasure on any mobile device you own.

So, in this fast-paced, ever-changing technology environment, how can education ever catch-up? I was in a school the other day that still had a library of VHS tapes. VHS! Unfortunately, schools tend to be among the last to have consistent and quality access to various types of instructional technology tools. In addition, many schools struggle with having the personnel to manage, troubleshoot, and train teachers and students on the technology they currently have, much less the ability to upgrade or expand their current system.

As schools look to improve their infrastructure and meet the technology demands for large school buildings, who can educators rely on to help improve and meet student needs and parent expectations?

Samsung Wireless LAN solution is designed to support teachers, school staff, students and parents using mobile devices such as Galaxy tablets, Chromebooks, printers, laptop carts, and white boards. With Samsung’s AirEqualizer technology, airtime fairness maximizes total throughput to every connected device, enhancing every student’s learning experience. Additionally, Samsung WLAN’s centralized management and its Self-Organizing Network (SON) technology makes it easy to configure, maintain and troubleshoot issues.

Samsung provides a WLAN Solution for schools that are large and posses multiple computing devices. Their solution is ideal for schools implementing 1:1 computing initiatives and provides robust Wi-Fi support for multimedia content streaming and other learning applications. Their solutions are cost-efficient, simple, and managed centrally.

It’s difficult for anyone to truly predict where technology will take us in the next couple of years.  Sure, there are trends in education, from gamification to individualized learning to augmented reality.  But a high-quality provider that knows and understands the needs of educators nationwide, however they are used, must work with educators in a positive way to manage these trends. Educators who want to implement technology effectively should not have to worry about gaps in the wireless coverage, intermittent signals, nor should they waste their time trying to get students online. Samsung is a leader in supporting educators and pushing instructional technology to the next level.

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