Samsung continues to expand 5G customer experiences and use case test beds

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Samsung Austin Semiconductor 5g Innovation Zone

Samsung Networks collaborates with AT&T in Samsung Austin Semiconductor facility and delivers new 5G interactive installation in DC solution center

As commercial network deployments of 5G have begun in earnest and more devices become available, the wireless industry has pivoted toward exploring use cases and commercial applications.  The broad ecosystem of 5G carriers and suppliers is going beyond the incredible promise of new consumer experiences like AR and VR, 4K/8K streaming and mobile gaming toward other opportunities for 5G in the enterprise and government segments.  Unlike previous generations of cellular standards, 5G’s new capabilities and broader use of spectrum is requiring the industry to delve into use cases and applications trials and test beds to evaluate technical and business case support.

As an early technology leader in 5G, Samsung’s Networks division has been joining operators, enterprises and other ecosystem members to examine, evaluate and develop new applications and use cases to solve customer challenges.  These efforts include the recent 5G Innovation Zone opening in Austin, TX at Samsung’s Semiconductor facility with AT&T, designed to test use cases for the next generation factory.  Showcases like the Solution Center at 700 Pennsylvania Avenue feature 5G as well a variety of solutions for enterprise, Federal Government and DoD customers.  These recent 5G showcases from Samsung are driven by a desire to get different industry perspectives and expose industry leaders to 5G technology to help evaluate its technical and business relevance to their business and operational challenges.

With the recent opening of the 5G Innovation Zone, AT&T and Samsung have begun their collaboration on the initial set of 7 use cases that offer immediate to near-term (1-2 years) impact in manufacturing.  This newly opened test bed will serve not only as a way for Samsung and AT&T to evaluate 5G’s technical capabilities and the business viability of these application but also serve as a window for other manufacturers and industries to visit and assess the possibilities of 5G for their business.

To provide both private and public sector technology leaders with a glimpse in to how the next generation network platform can potentially solve some of their tougher challenges, Samsung has introduced a 5G multi-media showcase.  (Insert photo from Solution Center) The interactive uses AR and a Unity-based animation to provide context to 5G capabilities versus other wireless technologies as well as industry use cases covering healthcare, transportation, public safety and entertainment.  The 5G multi-media display is at Samsung’s 700 Penn Solution Center with a variety of other solutions for enterprise and government customers that span Samsung’s broad product and services portfolio.

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