Surviving the Rise of the Machines

From the Internet of Things (IoT) to artificial intelligence (AI) to IT automation, the future of technology is now. Learn how a future-proof wireless LAN (WLAN) can help you make the most of it.

Where’s my jetpack?

Unlike the promise of flying cars and jetpacks, emerging technologies like AI and IoT are already changing today’s workplace.

By 2020

>4 billion Internet users will be running connected devices1
30.7 billion devices will be connected to the IoT2
$47 billion will be spent on AI and cognitive systems3

By 2021

Over 25% of infrastructure services will rely on AI and other autonomous, self-managing capabilities4

Unless your infrastructure is optimized to meet these increased demands, the traffic volume will make your network ancient history.

The wonders of AI and IoT

When IoT devices like wearables, appliances, automobiles, mobile phones, and sensors collect and transmit data over your network—AI assistants can analyze this data to make it actionable through automation.

Top uses for AI include:

Workplace automation

• Automate processes and tasks

• Offer suggestions in workflow tools

• Provide a natural language interface for tools

Customer behavior analysis

• Reduce repetitive and time-consuming tasks

• Analyze customer service logs for common issues

• Automatically alert stakeholders of problems

Internet and IT monitoring

• Identify problems and automatically find solutions

• Minimize the need for expensive IT services

• Proactively find and fix WLAN connectivity issues

Combining AI with IoT enables enterprises to collect data, add intelligence, and deliver better responses.

Bolster your network

Thousands of devices fighting for bandwidth can max out your network.
Challenges include:


Global spend on cyber security technology will surpass $1.8 billion by 20205

Infrastructure integration

AI requires massive compute power, requiring servers or cloud services built to scale

Networking and security concerns

New nodes added to networks mean more entry points for malicious cyber attacks

Lack of expertise

As with all emerging technologies, having the right talent requires costs and training

Without a powerful WLAN infrastructure to support the extended use of these emerging technologies these challenges remain true and IoT, AI, and IT automation are just buzzwords.

The future is built on WLAN

From mobile devices and commercial cellular networks to IP communications, Wi-Fi, and IoT, Samsung has a long-standing history of intentional innovation. Samsung’s WLAN offerings provide:

The future is built on fast, reliable, and seamless WLAN.

Samsung: Ready
for tomorrow

Samsung has all the tools you need for a future-ready IT infrastructure. As the only provider of true end-to-end WLAN solutions with full network technology, Samsung builds the underlying WLAN tools to make emerging technologies work.

Find out how Samsung can help your organization.