Wi-Fi: The Heartbeat of Healthcare

Samsung Wi-Fi

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Managing a senior living facility 24/7 is no easy task. Is your Wi-Fi network up to the task? Across the US, senior care centers are increasingly turning to wide array of “age tech” – apps, devices, web-based health portals and other websites that do everything from manage medications to coordinate care.
Samsung’s Wi-Fi solution offers a glimpse into the future of Wi-Fi – a future where everyone and everything is connected.

  • Powerful and Reliable Wi-Fi
    • Critical healthcare applications ned good Wi-Fi to ensure medical staff stays connected while constantly on the move
  • Enhanced security
    • Healthcare-compliant WLAN provides secure and separate access for staff, patients and families, anytime, anywhere. 
  • The Internet of Things
    • IoT readiness. Local-based beacon enables personalized push notifications and location tracking that allows patients to receive real-time updates of prescrip-tions and alerts. 

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