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With more than $2.4 billion spent annually on conventions and other large events, the competition to attract vendors and exhibitors is fierce. Convention centers want to demonstrate a premium experience and differentiate themselves through high density, secure Wi-Fi.

The International Exposition Center, also known as the I-X Center, is one of the largest convention and exhibition centers in the United States. With 1.5 million guests each year, the I-X Center has ambitious plans to further double attendance and Wi-Fi is the key to that. 

Learn How The IX Center Plans To Double Its Attendance With Samsung Wi-Fi

The IX Center chose Samsung Wi-Fi to be able to
deliver better coverage
and greater throughput to meet
the needs of their exhibitors and
attendees. Samsung Wi-Fi
provided the I-X Center
with one overall technology solution,
allowing multiple technologies to
co-exist and work together.

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