Get a Demo of Samsung Dedicated Wi-Fi Per Guest Room

Give Your Guests a Homelike Wi-Fi Environment

create dedicated wi-fi for each guest 


Free Wi-Fi access is no longer good enough for the next generation guests. They demand homelike Wi-Fi environment where they can:


  • Connect multiple devices securely and seamlessly 
  • Get dedicated bandwidth to share amongst authorized connected devices
  • Cast their high definition content on connected devices such as TV in the hotel room
  • Print a document in a conference center facility

In addition, guests also 

want the network to know their preferences when they visit another hotel location or visit back – just like coming back home.



See for yourself how Samsung’s Wi-Fi access points and dynamic VLAN (DVLAN) based personal area network (PAN) solution can provide you a unique technology that makes hospitality Wi-Fi faster, safer and simpler for your guests and IT managers.

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