Experience the Power of Samsung Wi-Fi in Your Campus

Give Your Students a Blazing Fast Wi-Fi Environment

campus-wide and residential networks 


Applications used by next generation campuses – mobile apps, video-based learning, unified communications, online collaboration, smart building, security – all require high speed and reliable Wi-Fi. Whether you are a consumer of such applications or a researcher who is inventing the next big thing, high quality Wi-Fi is a MUST HAVE to enable the best experience.  

So what does that mean? Your campus-wide and residential network Wi-Fi must have not only maximum uptime, but also quality uptime. This means ample bandwidth and throughput for all concurrent users and devices, even in high interference environments.

Samsung is changing the game in higher education by providing a total solution that includes best-in-class Wi-Fi infrastructure and an extensive portfolio of connected devices including interactive whiteboards, digital signage and video surveillance equipment.   

Schedule a demo to learn how Samsung’s indoor, outdoor, mesh, and IoT Wi-Fi access points, Security Gateway and Analytics solution can help you establish a secure and innovative learning environment.  


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