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The digital transformation era is enablign students and faculty to collaborate on a global scale, make on-demand use of cloud-hosted applications and content, and develop an enhanced learning environment.

Ubiquitous and infallible campus Wi-Fi coverage is at the core of making this happen, and continues to be one of the biggest challenges that colleges and universities continue to face.

Samsung Wi-Fi deliver on these challenges:

  • Connect quickly every time with Intelligent Beam Selectable Antenna (IBSA) that expands service coverage and increases receiving sensitivity
  • Provide on-demand content access coverage like an LTE network leveraging cellular and Wi-Fi technologies
  • Share information quickly and safely with integrated WIPS that ensures more secure, robust infrastructure servic continuity with reduced total cost of ownership (TC)
  • Provide Multi-Media support with crystal clear, real-time voice and video connectivity with automatic interference mitigation
  • Secure and seamless BYOD is allowed to onboard students, faculty, staff and guests with the appropriate network access policies based on device and role
  • Self optimizing Wi-Fi connectivity and cell configurations adapt to netowkr conditions and manage overburdened networks in high density environments
  • Easily configure and deploy campus-wide upgrades


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