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Imagine What’s Possible: Samsung Hospitality Solutions

By June 6, 2018 No Comments

Let’s dream together a bit. What technological amenities do you wish your hotel could have? What are the “what ifs…” you think about but have yet to make happen — either because you don’t know how or because it’s just not possible… yet?

What if guests had the option of full service or self service, like at gas stations of yesteryear? Some guests enjoy the personal touch of human interaction. Others don’t want to be “bothered” by conversation. What if they could choose how your property interacted with them, based on their personal preferences?

Wireless-enabled, full-service solution

Imagine the following scenario happening in your hotel:

The loyalty app on a guest’s phone alerts the hotel staff when the guest arrives on property. Staff call the guest by name at the door, provide the information they most want (based on previous visits and expressed preferences: weather report, local events, happy hour specials, etc.) at the counter, and the bellman carries their bag to the room (with a wearable so supervisors know where they are and who is available for the next guest).

Using the same wearable (or a phone/tablet), the bellhop notes any information gathered from the conversation en route to the room: whether the guest is in town for business or pleasure, what they’re hoping to do during their visit, and any questions or special requests they may have (rollaway cot, extra blanket, decaf coffee, etc.). This information enables staff to proactively provide these amenities the next day or during future stays, personalizing the guest’s experience and taking customer service to the next level.

Beacon technology notifies housekeeping of specific toiletry usage, pillow preference, coffee choices, and mini bar selections to track inventory, properly prepare housekeeping to restock, and accurately charge the room for applicable items. These inventory items are integrated with the loyalty app so targeted messages can be pushed on the guest’s cell phone. For example, the guest consumed the rum from the mini bar, so the loyalty app pushes a discount for a rum and Coke in the restaurant during happy hour the next day. When the guest shows the bartender the coupon code, the bartender is able to call the guest by name and ask specific questions about their stay so far (based on the information other staff have entered into the loyalty app/CRM).

Wireless-enabled, self-service solution

Or imagine the following scenario as an alternative:

When the guest walks into the lobby, the loyalty app on their phone buzzes with a welcome message and asks them to confirm they want to check in. Guests can either check in on their mobile device or at a kiosk in the lobby. After check-in, the phone becomes their room key, tells them the room number, and guides them on the best route to get there. Before leaving the lobby, the loyalty app sends a message asking if the guest would like help with their bags. If they answer in the affirmative, a robotic luggage cart (navigated by GPS) meets them at their location and accompanies them to the room.

Upon arriving at the designated room, the phone/key unlocks the door and automatically sets the climate and lighting control based on the guest’s previous visits and noted preferences.

In addition to serving as a key and a concierge, the guest’s phone also becomes their payment method for room service, the pool bar, the restaurant in the lobby, the gift shop, etc.

The loyalty app API also interfaces with Uber, Lyft, and the Shuttle Service, ensuring guests always have a ride to/from the airport or local attractions. If they arrived in their own car, they may use their phone to notify the valet to retrieve their car so it’s ready for them when they reach the front door. To keep all the guests’ whereabouts and personal information secure during their stay, a wireless controller equipped with dynamic VLAN assigns each guest a Personal Area Network (PAN).

When guests have a question, a need, or a complaint, instead of calling the front desk, they ask the Alexa-like device in their room. The AI either answers the question or assigns an employee to remedy the situation by notifying the staff member digitally in real time.

Wireless-enabled hotel operations solutions

Imagine a property in which facilities require little repair because the preventative maintenance schedule is followed to a T thanks to automated notifications. Imagine a property that optimizes utility usage efficiency by using smart thermostats and lighting sensors. Imagine it all happening on the Internet of Things because your hotel’s wireless network can support such forward-thinking and future-proof technology.

Imagine being able to use your PMS on a mobile device because you have reliable connectivity everywhere on the property.

Imagine being able to communicate with and track your staff on their wearable devices. If a guest asks for some toothpaste, you can notify the nearest staff member to deliver it to them rather than sending someone from the lobby. If an employee spends too much time in a specific location, you can ask about the situation (via a wearable or mobile device) to either motivate the staff member to pick up the pace or discover they need additional assistance to complete the task at hand. The tracking helps with both the management and the safety of your employees.

Imagine your customer loyalty app sending messages to guests when they walk past the restaurant, tempting them with the daily special or when they’re sitting poolside, tempting them with a massage in the spa. The app itself, supported by a reliable wireless network, pushes personalized, location-based upsells and you don’t have to schedule an extra staff training for it to happen.

Imagine using a mobile point of sale system that allows your staff to check guests in at the valet station, in the porte cochere, or out from behind the counter in the lobby with a more personal touch.

Imagine a scenario in which your IT manager isn’t running around the property like a madman manually troubleshooting connectivity issues, but instead is configuring ways to improve guests’ technological experiences during their stay, dreaming like we are right now.

These aren’t just dreams. Most of these ideas are possible with today’s technology, if you have the right wireless network. Talk to a Samsung Networks hospitality expert to learn more.

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