Free Wi-Fi in Retail Stores: A Sweet Deal for Any Customer

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Smartphones rule our daily lives. We don’t just use them to make phone calls. We socialize, play games, watch videos, and shop using our smartphones. We also depend on them for the very basics such as banking, driving directions, and even work. Connectivity is not an option but a need, and customers are always on the lookout for shopping establishments that provide free Wi-Fi.

This could be a great opportunity for retailers like you to grow your business as well as create and sustain a loyal customer base. Wondering how? Well, let’s find out.

Be the Customers Personal Guide

By offering Wi-Fi services, the moment a customer enters your store or retail outlet, you have already connected directly with the customer. Retail applications installed in your store can push product information to the customers’ smartphones. This will enable customers to start browsing for products even before they reach the product line. You will be able to provide customers with real-time updates about where to find the particular product they are looking for, suggestions based on their past purchases, and new and exciting offers, discounts, and deals. You can also customize product promotions for customers, thus boosting the chances of a sale. This will translate into a more pleasant experience for customers as they save time and money.

Convert Window Shoppers Into Customers

As customers start using your in-store Wi-Fi, there is a high chance that they will be spending more time inside the store than they had initially planned. This gives you an opportunity to convert window shoppers into actual buyers. As the customers browse a particular aisle, you can offer targeted promotions of products. These promotions can be in the form of coupons or discounts on products that can be redeemed the next time a customer makes a purchase at your store. You can then analyze the data of these promotions to check their effectiveness and work on the best deals to attract new customers and convert window shoppers into customers.

Reward Loyalty

Another exciting way for you as a retailer to engage customers is by rewarding them for visiting again. So, as soon as a customer connects to the Wi-Fi, you can offer loyalty rewards. With the use of data analytics, not only can you pull up statistics on the highest footfall in your store, but you can also look at every individual customer’s visit history, details of what they purchased, what promotions they took advantage of, and so on. Based on this data, you will be able to provide new promotions and incentives. For example, if a customer has visited the store at least 10 times and has bought something on at least 5 such visits, the loyalty rewards for this customer will be more than for someone who has visited fewer times or made fewer purchases. You can also study what customers are looking for and customize your inventory accordingly. Also, every customer can be given an additional discount on the anniversary of their first purchase.

Make Shopping a Wonderful Experience

There’s nothing more frustrating for a shopper than to arrive at a store and not find what they are looking for or not be able get enough information about the product. Having a mobile real-time inventory management system will help you enhance a customer’s experience. You can equip your salespersons with mobile devices, which are connected to the Wi-Fi, so that they can provide real-time updates to customers. The salesperson will be able to check if the product is available, its price, and its specifications, as well as answer each query about the product. If a product is out of stock, your salesperson will be able to provide accurate information about when it can be made available. Not only will your customer be left impressed with the in-store services, but chances are they will come back for more.

Score Over Your Rivals

While coffee shops and bookstores are known to offer free Wi-Fi to their customers, there are far fewer retailers offering Wi-Fi at their stores. As business gets more and more competitive, you can take advantage of this gap by setting up a high-speed Wi-Fi system that caters to multiple users throughout your store. That way, you’ll be able to attract more customers and serve them better, which is bound to make them come back again and again.

With free Wi-Fi, the customer leaves the store happier and more satisfied, and you, the retailer, can see an upswing in your sales. Wi-Fi wins all the way!

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