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Enhancing Experiences and Generating Revenue with the All-In-One rXg Router

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For enterprise organizations, establishing a secure and reliable network infrastructure is paramount to successful business operations. For example, today’s hotel guests expect wireless capabilities that allow them to keep connected and access the content they desire. However, providing each guest with a great wireless experience can be difficult. If a hotel offered an in-room digital assistant or the ability to wirelessly cast media, how can the property keep the guests in room 201 from accidentally casting content to the screen in room 202? Samsung and RG Nets solves this technical challenge by keeping in-room devices secure and on the same network with PAN (Personal Area Networks).

Personal Area Networks

PAN is made possible by rXg, an L7 router developed by RG Nets. The rXg is designed to be the only piece of equipment that sits between a wired and/or wireless distribution infrastructure and the Internet. A hotel can place guests in their own PAN that moves with them throughout the property. Whether they decide to venture to the pool, restaurant, or just stay in their room, they remain on their own secured network that only their devices can access, similar to a home network. In addition, the router enables employees to access the corporate Wi-Fi network using MAC or Login credentials, while guests can hop onto their PAN using a room number and last name. Dynamic VLAN assignments eliminate the risk of guests accidentally or intentionally interfering with corporate systems.

rXg Routers

The benefits of the rXg go beyond the enhanced security of a PAN. The router is an all-in-one solution that enables devices to communicate with one another. It sports features that include radius authentication via captive portal, traffic shaping to control the amount of bandwidth guests can use, content filtering to screen unwanted traffic, and the ability to fully integrate with existing property management systems. It all comes within the same package so users can be assured of seamless operation.  

Opportunities to Generate Revenue

The rXg offers numerous opportunities to generate revenue. It can force browser redirection to a diverse set of gateways, which can then display pre-and-post authentication advertising and location-based messaging. Since the gateways sit between a LAN and WAN, the router can intercept all traffic on both the wired and wireless network and redirect users to a captive portal that can provide a customized experience. The targeted experience users receive can be designed based on the type of device they are using, their SSID, or the credentials they used to log in. The router solution integrates with a broad spectrum of credit card billing clearinghouses. Enterprises can offer the first 30 minutes of Wi-Fi for free, and then charge to continue using the service; or offer complimentary Internet access at slower speeds while charging a premium for faster access.

Everything needed to set-up a secured and monetized wireless network is available within the single rXg solution making it a lower cost investment compared to alternatives. There is no need to purchase several different systems that may have trouble integrating together. With the rXg, everything simply works. To learn more about what’s possible with Samsung and the rXg from RG Nets, visit today.

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