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You Can’t Implement What You Don’t Know

You use website analytics to improve the way you do business online.

Why wouldn’t you use in-store analytics to improve the brick and mortar portion
of your business?

For many retailers, the answer is:
“I don’t know how to get the in-store data.”

With current technology, you
could be:

  • Tracking foot traffic inside your store
  • Cross-referencing foot traffic data with sales numbers to maximize profitability
  • Reducing the time customers spend in checkout lines
  • Pushing custom content to customers’ phones while they’re in the store
  • Transitioning to a cloud-based POS system
  • Monetizing wi-fi
How Retailers Can Monetize Wi-Fi (and Why They Should)

Sounds like good business, doesn’t it?

That’s because it is.

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WEA 300 Series 802.11n AP

Technology Should Meet Business Demands; Wi-Fi Should Meet Technology Demands.

Here’s the catch: All of those great business practices are contingent on you having a quality Wi-Fi network in the store. That’s where Samsung Networks fits in.

Samsung Networks fuses experience and innovation to provide better connectivity, especially in high-density environments. We’re uniquely qualified to advise retailers about in-store business tools.

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