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AI-Powered Cloud Wi-Fi Opens Incredible Opportunities for Enterprise

By March 22, 2018 No Comments
AI-Powered Cloud Wi-Fi Opens Incredible Opportunities for Enterprise

Artificial intelligence has infiltrated homes across the United States and the world. Whether it’s in the form of digital assistants found on mobile devices, or smart speakers placed in living rooms, AI makes life easier. It is also a driving force behind Cloud Wi-Fi. It allows enterprises to deploy large-scale Wi-Fi without having to make a capital investment in IT infrastructure or perform daily IT management, saving on operating expenses.

Small businesses such as coffee shops and local restaurants were the first adopters of Cloud Wi-Fi. It permitted these organizations to offer access points to customers and employees without having to spend a lot of money or hire IT staff. The evolution of Cloud Wi-Fi is powered by AI technology, designed to solve the challenges of larger enterprises. These advanced systems are capable of identifying troublesome problems proactively, and finding a solution automatically. With artificial intelligence at the helm, there is no need to contract expensive IT services. Connectivity issues can even be fixed before they arise so employees and guests can enjoy a frictionless Internet experience.

AI-powered Cloud Wi-Fi can also provide insights into guest engagement, enabling enterprises to monetize their Wi-Fi investment. It opens the possibility for channel partners to become Managed Service Providers (MSPs) and provide Wi-Fi as a service for a fee. Thus, artificial intelligence is transforming Cloud Wi-Fi from an IT cost to a competitive advantage by providing organizations with a smart network that practically maintains itself, easily connects staff and customers to the Internet, and serves as a platform for generating revenue. It’s no wonder that the market intelligence firm Tractica forecasts that AI-powered Wi-Fi as a service will be part of a $60 billion AI market by 2025.

Failing to integrate big data (network events) and apply machine learning to improve Wi-Fi service and solve problems will put enterprises at risk of causing extreme dissatisfaction among guests who are unwilling to tolerate unreliable Wi-Fi, and create a missed opportunity to engage users digitally. Fortunately, Samsung offers a comprehensive portfolio of Wi-Fi solutions including Samsung Cloud Wi-Fi, which enables Channel Partners and Enterprise IT departments to become MSPs. In addition, Samsung Guest Access Analytics provides deep insights into guest Wi-Fi usage and additional functionality to drive mobile engagement.

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