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A PMS is Only as Good as the Hotel Wireless Network That Supports It

By June 3, 2018 No Comments

In the same way not all hotel wireless networks are the same, not all property management systems (PMS) are created equal. Some perform better than others. Some are more user friendly than others. Some offer Goldilocks features that are “just right” for your property. This is not a discussion about rating, ranking, or critiquing any particular PMS. You’ll have to look elsewhere for that. The assumption, for the sake of this particular conversation, is that the PMS you’re using serves you well in your current context. This is a discussion about how PMS performance is correlated to the performance of the Wi-Fi network that supports it.

Is your PMS cloud-based?

There are many benefits to using a cloud-based PMS:

  • No need to install or maintain software
  • Less overhead expense because somebody else maintains the server
  • Automatic updates instead of manual updates
  • More flexibility and accessibility

… just to name a few.

There’s a catch, though. If your Wi-Fi is spotty or inconsistent, so is your access to the cloud. And if your access to the cloud isn’t reliable, then neither is the ability of your PMS to function properly.


Is your PMS mobile?

Mobility makes a PMS more convenient for everyone. It frees staff to get out from behind a counter and interact with guests in more than one location. However, if there are “dead zones” on the property where Wi-Fi doesn’t work well (or at all), is the PMS truly mobile? Is it really as convenient as it could be? Probably not. If, on the other hand, your wireless network provides quality coverage to every corner of the property, PMS mobility makes a world of difference.


Does your staff use the PMS to communicate?

Timely staff communication leads to greater efficiency in hotel operations and greater satisfaction for hotel guests. If your staff uses the PMS to communicate, the timeliness of that communication is, in part, dependent upon the wireless coverage throughout your property. When the front desks informs housekeeping that room 1235 needs a razor before their big presentation later in the morning, housekeeping shouldn’t have to wait until they are in a “hot spot” to receive (or respond to) that communication.


Does your PMS help with booking?

Functionality that enables your property to integrate direct bookings with OTA bookings in order to prevent double-booking is an essential feature for a PMS in the digital age. During high-demand seasons (like a conference or notable local event), the only way the PMS can adequately help you avoid double-booking is if the OTAs and the PMS are able to remain in constant communication over Wi-Fi. If the Internet goes down and that communication is broken, you will be fighting an uphill battle for customer satisfaction.


Does your PMS provide point of sale services?

Integrating your point of sale (POS) system with your PMS makes sense from an efficiency standpoint. Both systems require a consistent, quality Internet connection to function optimally, though. You’ve possibly experienced the lag time associated with a poor connection to the credit card processing company. It slows your service and creates impatient guests, understandably so. Barring a severe weather event or natural disaster, there really isn’t a good reason to settle for poor Internet service.


Do you use your PMS to gather analytics data on your guests during their stay?

For location-based data collection to be accurate and reliable, it has to be gathered in real time. For beacon technology to operate effectively as a tool for data collection, there has to be consistent connectivity via the hotel’s wireless network.


Do you depend on your PMS to send real time messages to guests?

Whether it’s to inform guests that their table is ready in the restaurant or a targeted marketing message based on data and location, real time personalization of their stay depends on a quality wireless network providing consistent connectivity. Simply stated, anything you need done digitally in real time will be hindered by spotty Wi-Fi. Don’t blame the PMS for something that should be blamed on a poor Wi-Fi connection.

By now you’ve realized that the majority of amazing features offered by a PMS depend greatly on a quality Internet connection on your property. Maximize your investment in Wi-Fi and PMS by talking to a Samsung Networks representative about hotel wireless networks.


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