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5 Hotel Wireless Solutions that Provide Customized Guest Experiences

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To personalize any experience you have to do some level of basic research and drudge work. For example, if you were planning a party for a visiting dignitary you’d never met, you would need to ascertain the answers to a few questions: what do they like to eat/drink, who would they like to invite, what time will they arrive, what interests do they have (music tastes, entertainment, attire, etc.)? Searching for this information is not glamorous. It’s not likely to get your picture on the cover of Time or People. However, it is foundational to making a good impression on the dignitary… and that could open doors for you.

What does this have to do with personalizing hotel guest experiences?

Glad you asked. There are some foundational elements you have to put in place in order to make the personalized experience the best it can be. Those elements aren’t flashy, but without them, your efforts at customization and personalization will fall short. When it comes to hospitality and service in 2018, those elements are technology-based hotel wireless solutions. It’s the hardware and connectivity you need to impress your guests… all of whom want to be treated like dignitaries.

Millennials, especially, prefer experiences over stuff or transactions (including discounts). That’s good news for the travel industry as more consumers want to visit different places, see different things, and experience something new. This value on experience means millennials also expect customization and personalization. Their expectations are higher than those of previous generations because, thanks to the Internet, they know what’s available and who offers it.


Here are the hotel wireless solutions that will form the foundation for great customized guest experiences:

Wall Plate Access Points

Wall plate access points (APs) provide wireless connectivity where guests want it most… in their rooms. Because the access point is in the room, connectivity is not impeded by architectural features like firewalls, elevator shafts, or stairwells. It also means the guests’ bandwidth demands are not competing on an access point they share with another guest or the hotel staff. And it means the loyalty app is accessible in every corner of the property.

“Great,” sighs the IT director/network manager. “That’s just more APs to manage and troubleshoot.”

Valid concern. Keep reading.


Intelligent Wi-Fi Networks

The convergence of cloud-based enterprise Wi-Fi, artificial intelligence (AI), and machine learning (ML) creates the framework for self-diagnosing Wi-Fi. As the network learns to proactively respond to consumer connectivity issues, the number of manual interventions by a technology professional diminishes drastically. In conjunction with wall plate APs, the network functions optimally and guests don’t miss a beat on their various devices.

“So guests can connect to the Internet. How does that customize their experience at my hotel?”

We’re getting there. One more foundational element, first.


Personal Area Networks (PAN)

Dynamic VLAN enabled personal area networks (PAN) provide guests with their own unique network for all their digital devices while on the hotel property. It’s not actually a separate network, but it micro-segments the hotel’s network in such a way that it functions as a personal network throughout the guest’s stay and securely removes their information after check-out.

This provides a secure Internet connection throughout their stay and keeps one guest’s usage from negatively impacting other guests either because of shady Internet activity or bandwidth requirements. The PAN is not limited to the guest’s room, so they can enjoy seamless coverage wherever they find themselves on the property: fitness center, gym, restaurant, or conference room.


Guest Analytics

Now that you’ve laid a foundation with access points, an intelligent Wi-Fi controller, and personal area networks, you can build upon that foundation by implementing the use of guest analytics. In other words, you can use the same Wi-Fi network that makes guests happy to inform your marketing and service decisions.

Guest analytics collect data related to guest demographics, preferences, movement patterns, and payment while they’re on the property. You, in turn, use that information to push marketing messages, provide proactive service, and make staffing decisions. Instead of simply knowing the guests’ room number and credit card information, you can determine if they are more likely to visit the spa or the business center during their next stay. From there, you can send targeted messages through the customer loyalty app with special offers or custom invitations related to their interests.

Using the infrastructure of a comprehensive, reliable, and intelligent Wi-Fi network, you can gather data that makes your business more efficient and your guests’ stays more personal. Guest analytics provide a more holistic view of your customers.


A Complete Samsung Ecosystem

It only makes sense that the people who make the devices also make the network on which those devices connect. Samsung makes the phones and wearables your employees carry with them, the tablets and computers they use to check people in, the in-room televisions guests watch, the HVAC that maintains a comfortable climate throughout the property, the displays in the lobby and restaurant, as well as the Wi-Fi network that connects them all on one seamlessly efficient ecosystem.

One vendor who provides multiple hospitality solutions. Sounds like a dream, doesn’t it? Samsung makes it a reality. To learn more about how to live the dream and customize guest experiences, schedule a free consultation with a Samsung Networks hospitality expert today.

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